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  • The Carolinas

    Service Areas

    Our service territory in North Carolina and South Carolina blankets most of both states. The region boasts many business-friendly features, such as utility rates that are significantly below the U.S. national average and among some of the lowest in the nation.
    Carolinas Map

    Services & Information

    Our experienced team offers specialized services and assistance designed to save you time and money in every aspect of site selection.

    • Confidential, no-cost site location assistance

    • Available site and building inventory

    • Industrial building searches and screening

    • Demographic and detailed community data

    • Conduit to local, regional and state officials

    • Greenfield and brownfield site screening

    • Site visit coordination and support

    • Expert information on pricing and incentives

    • Diversified energy products and services

    • Product development via Site Readiness Program

    Sites & Buildings

    Find the perfect location to build and grow your business. Our experienced Economic Development team can provide the confidential information and guidance your business needs to succeed in the Carolinas.


    Contact Us

    Our experienced Economic Development team is ready to help your business succeed.

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